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ACADIA™ Facet Replacement System (ACADIA™)

Recent advances in surgical techniques and implants have created alternatives for patients that have spinal stenosis. Facet replacement is one type of procedure that is performed after a spinal stenosis surgery and involves replacing the entire facet joint.

The ACADIA™ Facet Replacement System (ACADIA™) is designed to restore the natural anatomy of the spine while providing pain relief and stability to the spine. The ACADIA™ procedure may help patients maintain a more natural range of motion.

The ACADIA™ surgical procedure:

  • The facet joint is removed along with any additional bone that is putting pressure on the nearby nerve roots.
  • The ACADIA™ implants are sized to the patient’s anatomy and secured in place.
  • The final ACADIA™ reconstruction restores the natural anatomy of the lumbar spine.

ACADIA™ Benefits:

  • A motion preserving alternative to bone fusion with rigid spinal fixation.
  • Replacement of the diseased fact joint with an anatomical implant.
  • Potentially restore physiological motion, stability, and balance of the lumbar spine.
  • Potential elimination of the pain associated with spinal stenosis.


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