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For release, 7:00 am Eastern Time Thursday, September 22, 2005


SOURCE: Facet Solutions, Inc.

Facet Solutions, Inc. Completes First Facet Arthroplasty Clinical Implantation

Logan, Utah, September 22, 2005 – Facet Solutions, Inc. today announced the completion of the first clinical implantation of its ACADIA™ Facet Replacement System(ACADIA™). An international team of orthopaedic surgeons, Dr. Allen Carl of Albany Medical Center and Dr. Carlos Oliviera of São Paulo, Brazil performed the procedure at Hospital Servidor Publico Estadol in São Paulo. The operation provided post-operative relief of leg and back pain with no complications.

The ACADIA™ has been developed by Facet Solutions, Inc. to provide lumbar spinal stenosis and facet degeneration patients with a motion preserving alternative to lumbar spinal fusion. The ACADIA™ is comprised of instrumentation and implants which recreate a natural, healthy facet joint, restoring physiological motion and stability.

Commenting on the successful surgery, Dr. Oliviera stated, “The Facet Solutions system allowed us to provide normal motion and stability to a patient who otherwise would be fused using current Treatment options. I am looking forward to evaluating this exciting new device in more of my patients, as I expect this technology to become a posterior lumbar spine surgical standard in the future.”

Dr. Carl added, “The Facet Solutions instrumentation allowed us to use common landmarks and well-known surgical methods to predictably place the implants in their anatomic positions. I am very enthusiastic about this new Treatment option that can provide pain relief, normal motion and stability for patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis.”

Lumbar spinal stenosis is the largest and fastest growing segment of the operative lumbar spine market. The ACADIA™ is being developed to provide an improvement over fusion and dynamic stabilization procedures for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis.

“I am very pleased with the intra-operative performance of our ACADIA™ implants and instruments,” stated Alan Chervitz, President and CEO of Facet Solutions, Inc. “This clinical experience confirms our anatomic based implant design as well as our landmark based surgical technique.”

Facet Solutions, Inc. is a MedicineLodge, Inc. spin-out company that is focused on developing and commercializing surgical devices for treating facet related spinal disorders. The company will be attending the upcoming North American Spine Society meeting in Philadelphia (booth # 203).

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