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For Release: 7:00 am EST on April 02, 2007

Century City Doctors Hospital Implants First ACADIA™ Facet Replacement System for Spinal Stenosis Patients in the United States

LOGAN, UTAH (April 02, 2007) – Facet Solutions, Inc. announced today that the company has completed the implantation of the first ACADIA™ Facet Replacement System (ACADIA™) in the United States. The surgery was performed as part of an FDA Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) pilot study at Century City Doctors Hospital in Century City, California by spine surgeon, John Regan, M.D.

Facet Solutions has developed the ACADIA™ as the first facet joint replacement device anatomically designed to provide lumbar spinal stenosis and facet degeneration patients with an alternative to spinal fusion. The ACADIA™ will potentially provide patients with pain relief while preserving natural motion at the treated area. It may also delay or prevent the degenerative disease process that routinely occurs at adjacent levels after spinal fusion.
Dr. Regan, a principal investigator for the ACADIA™ IDE study said, “Spinal stenosis afflicts more than 400,000 Americans and is the most common indication for surgery on patients over the age of 60. With the development of new anatomically designed total facet joint devices (ACADIA™), I now have a clear alternative for my spinal stenosis patients who may have otherwise received a fusion.”

The results of the ACADIA™ study will be submitted to the FDA to support the approval of the device in the United States. In Europe, the ACADIA™ has already obtained a CE Mark and is approved for use.

Century City is one of five hospitals in the U.S. involved in this study. Qualified surgeons are continuing to look for additional patients with spinal stenosis who may benefit from this new technology. For more information about the ACADIA™ please call 1-866-753-1671 or visit www.facetsolutions.com.

About Facet Solutions
Facet Solutions, Inc. is a privately held, venture backed company that is focused on developing and commercializing surgical devices for the Treatment of facet related spinal disorders. Facet Solutions has received venture capital from its partners De Novo Ventures, Pequot Ventures, and Spray Venture Partners. Facet Solutions is FDA registered and is certified to ISO 13485.

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