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For Release: 11:00 am EST on October 19, 2007

Facet Solutions enjoys continued clinical success with the ACADIA™ Facet Replacement System (ACADIA™)

LOGAN, UTAH (October 19, 2007) – Facet Solutions, Inc. announced today that John Regan, M.D., a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Century City Doctors Hospital in Los Angeles, California; and Darryl DiRisio, M.D., associate professor and neurosurgeon at Albany Medical College, Albany, New York; successfully completed additional surgical procedures utilizing the company’s ACADIA™ Facet Replacement System (ACADIA™) as part of an FDA approved IDE Clinical Trial.
The ACADIA™ is the first anatomic facet joint replacement device designed to provide patients with lumbar spinal stenosis and facet degeneration a motion preserving alternative to fusion.
A fusion uses metal rods and screws to join vertebrae together. While most patients report pain relief after a spinal fusion, the surgery often eliminates flexibility and range of motion, and can cause unnecessary wear on other spinal levels. By contrast, the ACADIA™ is designed to mimic normal motion and prevent adjacent level degeneration.
The ACADIA™ is made of two highly polished cobalt chrome implants that articulate similar to other total joints that have been used successfully in hip and knee replacements for several decades
“ Until recently, people suffering from chronic low back and leg pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis had few Treatment options,” stated Dr. Regan. “Facet joint replacement utilizing the ACADIA™ not only relieves low back pain but also has the potential to significantly improve the patients' flexibility and range of motion.
Dr. DiRisio noted that the use of facet joint replacement for the Treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis following a spinal decompression is a notable advance in spinal surgery. "It offers surgeons an alternative Treatment for patients who have suffered for years from this debilitating condition."
The public response overall to the ACADIA™ clinical trial has been very strong. New clinical investigator, Kenneth Pettine, M.D., board-certified orthopedic surgeon with the Rocky Mountain Spine Arthoplasty Specialists in Loveland, Colorado is looking forward to offering this new Treatment option to his patients.
“ Recently, I hosted a local community presentation to educate patients on the advantages of this new technology,” stated Dr. Pettine. “I was very pleased with the strong attendance and was encouraged that a third of the attendees had signed up to learn more about the ACADIA™ trial. The potential for patients to maintain motion, and continue with the normal activities of daily living, is what I believe is driving the high level of interest in this trial.”

Facet Solutions invites clinicians, medical facilities, and other interested parties to visit www.facetsolutions.com for specific information about the ACADIA™ Clinical Trial.

Facet Solutions also invites patients who are interested in learning more about the ACADIA™ clinical trial to visit www.stenosisrelief.com. To determine if they are eligible to participate in the trial, patients can also call CLINICAL TRIAL RECUITING HAS CLOSED.

*Note: ACADIA™ is an investigational device in the United States. It is limited by United States (U.S.) Federal Law for investigational use only.

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Facet Solutions, Inc. is a privately held, venture backed company that is focused on developing and commercializing surgical devices for the Treatment of facet related spinal disorders. Facet Solutions has received venture capital from its partners De Novo Ventures, Pequot Ventures, and Spray Venture Partners. Facet Solutions is FDA registered and is certified to ISO 13485.

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